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12 June, 2021
Tbilservice Group with local and foreigner experts led by Dr. Ludwig Streff continues to analyze the composition of municipal solid waste within the Tbilisi Solid Waste Project, Phase II. The first part of the study began in autumn 2020, with financial support of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
The objective of the following study is to identify the composition of the Municipal Solid Waste generated in Tbilisi in order to define the exact number of different Municipal Solid Waste Streams, set realistic goals for waste separation and recycling, determine ways to implement them, as well as infrastructure and financial needs. For the analysis of Municipal Solid Waste composition four main zones were selected, from which the generated waste was collected. In particular: Residential areas, with and without own yards and gardens, Commercial zones, Mixed zones (commercial and residential areas)..
Current project funded by the EBRD, Is a 20 month initiative launched on January 16, 2020. Main goal of the project is to develop ten year strategy and action plan for Solid Waste prevention and recycling for Tbilisi, as well as to facilitate the initial phase of plan implementation.
The initiative is implemented by the Tbilisi City Hall and LLC “Tbilservice Group” with the German-Greek consortium ICP-ENVIROPLAN and a German company with extensive experience in Waste Management ICP – Ingenieurgesellschaft Prof. Czurda & Partner mbh.
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