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Agreement has been signed between “Tbilservice Group” and professional union of service sector, utilities and bank workers
24 August, 2021
The ongoing negotiations between the drivers and the administration of “Tbilservice Group” ended with signing of mutual agreement. The agreement was signed by Romeo Mikautadze, the head of “Tbilservice Group” LLC and Akaki Gvalia, the head of professional union of service sector, utilities and bank workers. It was noted once again that as promised, "Tbilservice Group" will ensure the salary increase of the employees from 2022. Also, the stock of special uniforms will be replenished from September, which is constantly updated. The agreement also addresses the funds needed for the insurance package, training, upgrading skills and various cultural events. „Several weeks of consultations between professional unions and" Tbilservice Group "are over and agreement has been reached on all items that were raised by the strikers, we have reached the common ground. The agreement document has already been signed today “, - said Romeo Mikautadze, head of “Tbilservice Group”. He thanked all the employees who take care of the cleanliness of the city on a daily basis.
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