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A large-scale cleaning action was held in Chughureti region
10 August, 2022
A large-scale cleaning action was held in Chughureti region.

LLC "Tbilservice Group" conducted a large-scale cleaning campaign in Chughureti region.

As part of the event, Norio Ascent was cleaned. Chikobava, Tsaishi, N. Khudadov, Nine brothers, P. Saakadze, M. Mamardashvili, Pshavi, G. Zaziashvili, G. Maruashvili, Lami, Rike, M. Chitaia, R. Davitashvili, P. Bagrationi, D. Uznadze streets. 190 m³ of household and construction waste was removed from the mentioned addresses.

Davit Pachulia, the director of “Tbilservice Group" got acquainted with the progress of the works.

About 50 employees of " Tbilservice Group" participated in the event. 11 units of special equipment were mobilized at the site.
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